PannonScreen large-scale LED video display boards

Visual Solutions offers the latest in LED video displays technology. From the simple PannonScore numeric scoreboards, and the PannonSign alphanumeric or matrix information display boards (VMS – Variable Message Sign) to the flagships of our product range PannonScreen large-scale LED video display boards are state of the art. We deal with the most respected and advanced suppliers of semiconductor techniques and LED-s, provided us with recent advancement in the industry. This position combined with our innovative technology we are able to provide our clients with unprecedented level of quality.

The PannonScreen LED video display boards are capable of displaying live video and VGA computer animations, graphics and texts. Due to the applied best quality, high brightness, wide viewing angle, long lifetime LED elements of Red, Blue and Pure Green colors the surface can generate as many as 16 millions different color possibilities and excellent contrast ratio (over 1:50 in a 10.000 lux environment) and the high light intensity of the screen (6-8.000 Nit) ensure perfect visibility of the produced image even in direct sunlight. It has a special digital power control that adjusts the 8-step brightness of the display board according to the surrounding lighting condition. Together with unique advanced image processing technology and the surface driver method we are able to achieve steady, flicker free, sharp graphic and video pictures and to provide unsurpassed viewing clarity for most video formats. The video surface is built of independent modular panels that include the LED clusters, their control electronics, the module power supply units and the inner air ventilation and cabling system.

Visual Solutions is not simple a LED video display board supplier but the provider of the complete system solutions for clients’ needs.

We are able to provide integrated, turnkey systems including the LED video display along with control unit and computer, operating software, additional sport software for different sport events, interconnection to different networks and subsystems (like time keeping systems for swimming or track & fields, or judging systems etc.), supporting frames and housing. With our flexible, modular systems we can cover different market segments, not only the traditional indoor & outdoor sport event market, but the grooving advertising application areas, (POS advertising solutions at shopping malls, and any kind of different public information systems (FIDS at airports, railway stations, bus stations, (VMS for traffic information systems on highways, etc).

Due to our wide product range we can proudly state that we are able to offer the optimal solution according the clients’ requirements and budget. Whether your needs are indoor or outdoor, full color, semicolor or monochrome, numeric, alphanumeric or matrix display boards, design, technical support or consultation, the entire team at Visual Solutions is your one stop LED display provider. Our dedicated professionals will guide you from initial concept design to the final LED display solution

On the following pages you can find a sample system block diagram offered for a general soccer stadium, a brief description of the Visual Control software, and the Visual Soccer software. The types and specifications are updated constantly to keep up with market & industry trends and customer requirements.

PannonScreen football system drawing

Visual Soccer

The main intention of the Visual Soccer software is to help the operator to track the events of a soccer match and inform the spectators by displaying on the board this information on a spectacular way.

With the software the operator can arrange the matches and the main information of the matches into a database. This information are the date and location of the match, the participants like players, coaches and other officials of the teams, referees, etc. In this database we can store those simple programs, animations called revues which determine the displaying sequence of different events (goals, yellow cards, penalty, etc). The revues can be different for the different teams and matches, e.g. the goal of the home and the visitor team can be appeared on the board on a different way. This feature of the software provides a good opportunity to link the different events with different advertiser or sponsor, e.g. by showing the logo and advertisement of the sponsor at the goal of the home team, etc.

If the necessary arrangements has been done before the match properly (teams, player’s names and numbers, preparation and selection of the revues, etc.), than during the match tracking the events and displaying the actual information on the board can be done easily by a few mouse clicks only. The software is linked to the Visual Control software by TCP/IP protocol via the LAN.

Screenshot of Visual Soccer software

Visual Control

PannonScreen LED video display boards can be operated by Visual Control software.
Using the software the following operational functions can be done:

Screenshot of Visual Control software
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